Email Service

If you register your email address with ANA@desk upon reservation or thereafter, you can sign up for email notifications of reservation details, departure and arrival times, and more besides. Travel with peace of mind by getting all the support you need via email for all the stages of your trip, from reservation through to arrival. This section contains an overview of ANA@desk email services, as well as information on how to register.

Email Services Available for ANA@desk Users

Notification emails for reservation-related information (optional)

■ Notifies you when reservations are made, changed, or canceled

■ Notifies you the day before your ticket time limit expires (in cases where tickets have not yet been issued)

■ Notifies you when ticketing procedures have been completed

■ Notifies you of successful online waitlisting applications and waitlisting results

Departure/arrival notification emails (optional)

■ Notifies the person dropping you off or picking you up of your departure/arrival time

  • *These notifications are sent after departure and upon arrival.

Reservation confirmation emails (optional)

■ Sends reservation information to the email address of your choice.

  • *These notifications will be sent once you have completed the procedures on the email notification service registration screen.

Flight status notification emails

■ You will be notified of flight status for your reserved flights when:

  • - Your flight is canceled

  • - Your flight is subject to weather condition checks

  • - Your flight is subject to conditional operations
    (return to departure airport, change of arrival airport, etc.)

  • - Your boarding gate changes

■ You will be notified of changes to your reservation when:

  • - There is an aircraft change

  • - Your seat number changes due to an aircraft change

  • - If your flight schedule changes
    (change to departure or arrival time)

■ Notification the day before departure

  • - You will be sent your reservation information, boarding gate, and information regarding boarding procedures.

We recommend that you register an email address that you can check while on the move, such as a cell phone or smartphone email address.

Registering (Applying) for Mail Services

Registering an email address under reservation information

  • 1. Log in to the ANA Mileage Club as a business traveler.

  • 2. Please set your preferred email address for notifications.

Registering an email address on the passenger information screen when making a reservation

  • 1. Make a reservation for the flight you will use.

    Business Travelers

  • 1. Choose Details under Reservation Confirmation.


Receiving Notification Emails

Receiving Notification Emails
  • 1. Choose Details under Reservation Confirmation.

    Business Travelers

  • 2. Make a selection from the reservation menu.

    Business Travelers

  • 1. Choose Details under Reservation Confirmation.


  • 2. Make a selection from the reservation menu.